$11,100 in recurring income after writing 12 pages of content...

That's the power of this formula.

Imagine folding a piece of paper in half, 51 times.

How thick would it be?

Surprisingly, it would be over 35 million miles thick.

That's one example of P(1+i)t - P

Your Marketing Force Multiplier...

That formula can scale your content marketing really fast...

More on that, in just a second.

Yesterday, you learned how to SIGNAL for service.

You've created amazing content that ATTRACTS the best audience.

The positive feedback loop is kicking in, and Google is starting to send you more organic traffic.

You should continue to promote your amazing content as much as possible, which will continue to increase the positive feedback you send Google.

Now, let's talk about the "T" in F.A.S.T.

TRANSFORM your campaign...

This stage has two steps:
1. Improve
2. Invest

The first thing you need to do is check your Google Analytics.

This will tell you where you can improve...

Pay special attention to 3 metrics:

1. Reverse Goal Path
Conversions > Goals > Reverse Goal Path

2. Avg. Time on Page
Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

3. Bounce Rate
Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

Remember, you're trying to get goal completions.

You created clear goals in the FOCUS step.

This isn't about vanity metrics...

If you notice problems with any of these 3 metrics, try to improve...

Visitor recordings can be really helpful at this stage, because you can actually see what's happening.

Three similar tools are Mouseflow, Hotjar, and Inspectlet.

I believe all 3 of them have free trials and provide enough data during that free trial to find and fix most issues, so you can test them.

You'll be able to see visitors interact with your content.

You can usually spot problems much faster.

The heatmap features can also show you areas of your content that are confusing or that need to be made smoother.

When you're ready to test improvement ideas, use the P.D.C.A. cycle.

Plan: Create an improvement test.
Do: Start the test.
Check: Figure out what happened.
Act: Adopt or Abandon the change.

Cycle through P.D.C.A. to create continuous improvement.

When your content starts to reach your goals, it's time to Invest...

If your initial goal did not have a dollar sign attached to it, you'll need to come up with some way to attach a monetary value to your content for the Invest phase.

You need to track how much money your content is making and set aside a certain % of earnings for new content creation.

You're going to harness the power of compound interest.

It's a Force Multiplier.

This "snowballs" really fast.

Here's how this works...

Let's say you create just 1 page of amazing content this month.

And let's say that by the end of next month, your amazing content earns $300.

You keep 20% of that, and save 80% for new content.

Then, find a freelance writer who will write great content for $1,000 per page.

(Just send them your ATTRACT stage info, so they know how to serve "Evan".)

Guess what happens in just 12 months?

Exactly 12 months from today, you'll have:
47 pages of amazing content
$11,100 in recurring income


That's a 6-figure income in 12 months writing just 12 pages.

You only wrote a page a month.

The rest was written by someone else for $1,000 a page.

That's the power of P(1+i)t - P applied to content marketing.

That's how your TRANSFORM your campaign into something bigger than you ever imagined in just 12 months from now...

Want to go even faster?

Just use this:

All the best,
Paul Victor.