Here's a simple system that creates an unstoppable business...

I mapped this all out for you, so it's clear and helpful.

Let's go through it step-by-step.

Take a quick look at the big picture...

(Click here to see the full map...)

Now, that might look a little complicated at first, but trust me, it's simple.

You can do this.

Let's walk through each part...

Step 1: Decide how you can help.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I already know how to do?
What problems have I solved recently?
What skills can I share?
If I only got paid for results, what would I teach?

Whatever you do, don't rush through this part. It's the foundation for everything moving forward. It's a critical step in the system.

If you pick something that you only think you can do, or just hope you can do, it will become the weakest link in your chain.

Every step in the future is much easier if you just pick something you're already good at and have experience doing, so you know you can immediately be a big help.

Once you know how you're going to help, you just need to pick the offer that you're going to share with your audience.

If you don't already have your own product, then you'll need to pick a product to promote as an affiliate that you already own, use, and like.

Let me just give you a quick example of what you should have as soon as you complete Step 1...

How I can help: I'm great at creating marketing dashboards using pivot tables in Microsoft Excel.

What's my valuable offer: There's an excellent Udemy course on advanced pivot tables I can sell as an affiliate.

Now you're ready for Step 2...

Step 2: Start creating your 5-day email course.

This is where it gets really fun. You already know how to help and what you're going to offer, now you just need to start teaching.

I realize it might seem a little odd to be doing this so soon, but trust me on this. It's the perfect time to start.

I'm going to recommend you plan out a 5-day email course. I like to use a simple mind map tool like XMind 7.5 (it's free)Trello is also a great tool for planning your email course.

Hot Tip: If you start with the final belief that your reader needs to have in order to take you up on your offer, you can work backwards from there. Create all the "sub-beliefs" that are needed to reach that final belief. Once you have that in place, you can group the beliefs so that you have 5 groups, one group for each of the 5 emails in the series. This becomes the curriculum of your email course. When you do this, each email helps the reader to make the logical progression from one belief to the next, until they get to the final belief. This is the same process you went through before using the product you are recommending to them.

Once you've got it mapped out, start writing Day 1.

Give yourself permission to write the lousiest email ever.

Write a really bad email...

Nobody is going to read this first version anyway.

Just dump it all out of your head.

Then put it away for at least a few hours.

Give yourself some time before you try to make it better.

Then edit it a little more.

And stop when you've said what you needed to say.

"Very few writers really know what they are doing, until they've done it. Nor do they go about their business feeling dewy and thrilled. They do not type a few stiff warm-up sentences and then find themselves bounding along like huskies across the snow."
"Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott

Next, start on Day 2.

A good rule of thumb is to make the Day 1, 2, and 3 emails educational. You don't need to include links to your offer. Your only goal is to help them as much as possible.

On Day 4, you might want to hint at the offer and how it could help them achieve what they want faster. You can put a link in the body of the email for those already interested.

On Day 5, you can tell them all about the offer, and really show them how it will take them even farther, faster. Show them how it will help them reach their goal.

Step 2 is done when Day 5 is written.

Now let's go to Step 3...

Step 3: Make an optin page so people can get your course.

At this point, you're going to have a lot of motivation, because you just created a great email course and now you want to share it with the world.

Hot Tip: Read through each email and write down the 3 most interesting ideas. Get 15 great ideas for your optin page. (5 days x 3 ideas)

There are a ton of great optin page templates on sites like Envato, or you can search for "free optin page template".

You'll need to setup your autoresponder, load the emails, then test the landing page and make sure everything works.

Just make a list of tiny steps.

Then work on one tiny step at a time.

When you're done, go to Step 4...

Step 4: Spread the word.

At this point, you've got your email course written, and you've got an optin form setup. Now you just need to get the word out.

This is where you can start the F.A.S.T. System:


You can also share your optin page URL on social media. You can make a quick YouTube video with highlights from your course. Make a banner ad for your blog, if you already have one.

You can also just pay for some traffic. If you're just starting out and don't have much to work with, you can use Microsoft Advertising or YouTube ads to get some cheap targeted traffic. Start with a very low budget you can afford. Paid traffic can help you get feedback faster.

Work on improving your optin rate. You can signup for a free account at Inspectlet which will allow you to see your visitors interacting with your page, and you can even split test some headlines to improve the optin rate.

Now, here's where it gets really exciting...

Take a look at the full mind map again.

(Click here to see the full map...)

I first learned this marketing strategy many years ago from Clayton Makepeace, who was using it with direct mail, long before the internet was around.

Todd Brown reminded me what Clayton said all those years ago.

Here's how the magic works:

Action #1: The traffic creates email course subscribers.

Action #2: The email course creates front end customers.

Action #3: The front end profit is invested back into Paid Ads/Content.

Result: You create a viral loop. You now have a system that is bringing you more customers, every day.

Now, you just need to...

Step 5: Pick your back end offer.

The front end sales created your customer list.

Send your new customers a personal email.

Ask them these questions...

How can I help you even more?
Was anything missing?
Is there something else you need help with?

Being authentic and actually going out of your way to help your customers is going to put you in a league of your own.

You'll quickly discover opportunities to serve your customers that you never would've thought of on your own. Problems that the first offer didn't solve. This is your chance to become more valuable.

Step 6: Create your back end email course.

Don't worry, it's even easier this time.

Your motivation will be high because you've got guaranteed traffic.

You know whatever you publish will be seen by a lot of buyers.

(And your customer list is growing bigger every day.)

That's invigorating.

With this new energy, you'll create a killer course in record time.

As soon as you finish the back end course, start sending it immediately. You already know your customers want and need the information because they helped you create it with their feedback.

Step 7: Improve your front end sales.

Things are going great at this point.

You have a front end offer growing your customer list.

You have a back end offer generating profit from that list.

Now, turn your focus to improving your front end sales.

Add more emails to the front end email course to create even more value for every new subscriber.

You can link to additional offers in those emails.

Also, do more split testing of your optin page to increase the optin rate.

The goal at this point is to get the front end sale amount as high as possible, so you can spend as much as possible to acquire a new customer.

And after you improve the front end...

Step 8: Reinvest your back end profit to create new offers.

Invest in creating another back end offer.

This will increase your back end profit.

See how that works?

Exciting, isn't it. :)

It's another great example of the power of compound interest.

The front end uses compound interest to create a list of buyers.

The back end uses compound interest to create your profit.

Let me know if anything is confusing...

And don't get overwhelmed.

You can do this.

Literally, just take it one step at a time...

If you find yourself procrastinating on any single step, break it down to smaller steps.

And keep breaking it down until the step is so small, there isn't any resistance to take action. (i.e. spend 1 minute on my landing page)

Do that tiny little step.

And keep moving forward.

Ok, Step 1 is to find a quiet spot and ask some questions.

Can you do that this week? Today?

I'm guessing it will take you about 30 minutes...

Then, go right to Step 2.

And, if you get stuck at any point, send me an email and we'll walk through it together, so you keep moving along all the way to the end.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing you crush it...

All the best,

Paul Victor.