Here's a free software tool to help create your F.A.S.T. campaign...

In yesterday's email, you learned this formula:

Let's say you create just 1 piece of amazing content...

And by the end of next month, it earns $300.

You keep 20% of that, and save 80% for new content.

You keep creating 1 piece each month, but you also find a freelancer who creates great content for $1,000.

Guess what happens in just 12 months?

Exactly 12 months from today, you'll have:
47 pieces of amazing content
$11,100 in recurring income

That's a 6-figure income in 12 months...

It really helps to see how this happens.

And it's incredibly motivating.

Here's a free tool that shows you how...

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All the best,
Paul Victor.

P.S. Here's the entire F.A.S.T. Content Marketing System in case you missed an email in the series...