Is ClickFunnels Easy To Use?

ClickFunnels is most definitely one of those marketing software that lots of business owners and entrepreneurs out there need. ClickFunnels allows you to create amazing sales funnels, design landing pages, automate your email campaign, and even create events (webinars).

The Big Question: Is ClickFunnels Easy To Use?

I will answer this question by walking you through the powerful features and benefits of using ClickFunnels. And then, I leave you to decide whether ClickFunnels is the right tool for you as a business owner to achieve your business goals.

Create A Funnel In 10 minutes

With ClickFunnels, you can create a funnel in 10 minutes. Isn’t that great? Of course, it is! Let me show you how.

First Log in to your dashboard. You will need to sign up for a ClickFunnels account. If you don’t have one, Sign up here. Once you have signed up, click on the button in green that says, “Build Funnel.”

Its takes you to a pop-up where you are presented with different option to select from. Depending on your goal, you can choose to collect emails, sell your products, digital or physical, or host a webinar.

is clickfunnels easy to use

After you have chosen your goal, the next step is to select a funnel type. But before that, you will need to give your funnel a name and a tag for easier access to your funnels.

Now click on the “Build Funnel” button in green. You will be directed to a page where you have hundreds of templates related to your business available to select from. You can use the search button to filter the templates to your desire.

Once you have seen the right funnel template for your business, Select it. You can preview it before selecting it by clicking on the orange preview button.


After choosing the template you need, you will see an “Edit Page” orange button. Click on it to edit your page.

You will be directed to your sales funnel page, where you have access to all the ClickFunnels editing features. The interesting part of the ClickFunnels editor is that it is an easy drag-and-drop editor. You can start adding or removing sections and adding elements you need.

From the image above, you will see different buttons that can be used to edit your funnels. Here are the functions of each of these buttons;

  • Settings – This is where you set up and manage your integrations, SEO, Tracking Code, Custom CSS, Page Background, Typography, and other general settings.
  • Pop-Up – Here, you can decide to show a pop-up or not with this button. Pop-ups are used in ClickFunnels to show an optin form. You have access to change the color, images and the different triggers with its edit settings features
  • Sections, Rows, and Columns – The sections, rows, and columns define how your page will be like. You can add new sections, and inside these sections, you add your rows and columns for different elements.
  • Elements – Elements are your text, images, videos, audio player, forms, buttons, countdowns, content block, custom JS/HTML, and much more. Drag and drop these elements to your row and columns.
  • Preview – You can preview your page to see how it feels before launching the mobile and desktop mode.

Once you are satisfied, click on the Save button to save your page.

To Get Your 14-day Free Trial

So, Is ClickFunnels Easy To Use?

My answer is that ClickFunnels is very easy and straightforward to use. ClickFunnels has made everything very seamless with its drag-and-drop editor features that allow you to add and remove elements easily. You don’t have to have any coding knowledge or be a coding expert to use ClickFunnels. You can change the backgrounds of each section and choose the type of width you want to your page, be it full, wide, medium, or even small.

Also, you have so many elements you can use that a lot of alternatives out there don’t have. You can have elements like images, videos, audio player, forms, buttons, countdowns, content block, custom JS/HTML, and so much more. There is a special pricing table element you can drag and drop at a go.

Furthermore, you can edit your landing page in different modes. You can edit it in the mobile and desktop mode. This feature allows you to customize what you want on the mobile view of your page and the desktop view. You can add or remove elements of these different modes to suit your goal.


So here is my take. If you are a business owner that is looking to succeed online, having software that creates amazing sales funnels, email campaign automation, and even webinars to sell and market your products, then ClickFunnels is the perfect choice for you. ClickFunnels will cost you $97 per month. This might sound too pricey, but when you look at the benefits you can get and the number of sale funnels you can create for your business, it will be worth every bit of your money. So many brands are out there leveraging ClickFunnels to grow their business exponentially.

Don’t waste time! Sign up for ClickFunnels and get a free 14-day trial to start enjoying its benefits today!


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