How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers – Clickfunnels for Lawyers 2020

Years ago, Lawyers had to sit down in their office in the hope that new clients show up for business. However, since the internet revolution, lawyers now have access to the internet to explore. They now have the power to market themselves to a broader audience around the world.

There are law firms with big names, so as a lawyer who is looking to contend with the big guys, you must master how online marketing works and leverage the opportunity that comes with it.

It is no news that having a website as a lawyer gives your business more exposure. But with the rapid growth and competition in the industry, you may need more than just a basic site to be able to land in more clients.

Traditionally, on a basic website, a homepage, about page and contact page is created to provide basic information and means of reaching out to the lawyers. All these pages help your exposure online, but what if you create a “Sales Funnel” that can increase your revenue tremendously. A sales funnel is a roadmap that systematically guides your potential clients during the sales process until they finally convert to paying clients. In this process, you are building a relationship with your clients and gaining their trust. The customers can turn to be lifetime customers.

The first thing you need to do to create your sales funnel is to find a tool that creates a sales funnel for you. There are lots of platforms that can help you create a sales funnel, but one of the best that I recommend you use is “ClickFunnels.” I have used it personally, and it has generated me lots of revenue for my business. I will walk you through on how you can build an online sales funnel for lawyers to get more customers.

Make A Lawyer Checklist

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers

Prior to you accessing your ClickFunnels dashboard, you must first structure how you want your sales funnel to be like, from the contents required to the layout. This will give a blueprint to how you will structure your sales funnel.

  • Narrow down your client to niche: You want to narrow down your clients to your area of expertise. For example, as an immigration lawyer, its only right to have clients who have trouble with the immigration process.
  • What Your Client Wants To See: Your clients are looking for information that could be of help to their problems. This is why you need to provide them with essential information. For an immigrant, he will be looking for a lawyer who can help get the right paperwork for his immigration process.
  • Psychology Behind Clients Actions: You need to understand how clients take action. Study them base on how they interact. Are they more kin on results? Or are they on a specific budget? All these will help you better provide the right offers to clients and help them make better decisions.
  • Set Your Primary Goal: You need to have the necessary call to action for your clients. Do you want them to book an appointment? Or you just plan on building an email list of your clients? All these questions will needs answers from you. A sales funnel occurs in stages, so you will need to have the first offer and then plan for other services you can upsell to your clients.
  • Your Lead Magnet: As a lawyer, what makes you standard from other competitors? What is that thing you are offering that others aren’t? You must figure out what makes you different. You could offer a lead magnet like a free eBook on the Immigration process to your clients. Or maybe a free 30 minutes consultation to your clients. When you provide value first, your prospect gets to connect with you better. Capitalizing on that with an irresistible offer, you could land yourself a new lifetime client.

Draft A Plan For Your Online Sales Funnel

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers

The next step to take after you have created your checklist is to draft a proper plan of your sales funnel will function.

A sales funnel has four crucial stages that makes it successful. The stages include;

  • The Awareness Stage

At this stage, you need to be able to address a problem. Creating awareness is very crucial in the client acquisition process. So you offer a solution to a problem that will make potential clients curious enough to want to find out more. At this stage, you work on your SEOs, Social marketing platforms, and paid ads.

Ensure you have the right call to actions on your landing, capture the minds of your visitors.

  • Visitor Enlightenment Stage

At the stage, provide your audience with very valuable content. It could be a lead magnet like a free report about the immigration process. You can give away these lead magnets in exchange for the email address.

  • Decision Stage

At this stage, your potential clients are looking to make an inform decision. You want to look convincing enough to make them want to patronize you. Share your journey, credentials, and your successes. Provide testimonials from the previous client. And then provide them with the best deal that they cannot resist.

  • Conversion Stage

The last stage of the sales process is the conversion stage. At this stage, your prospects are ready to patronize you. You must have the right buttons for these prospects to take action. Have a “book an appointment” button so that the client can either schedule a call or call directly.

All these steps above are required to engage your prospect through your sales funnel process until they become paying clients.


Building A Sales Funnels Using ClickFunnels

Once your checklist and sales funnel plan is created, you can go ahead and access your ClickFunnels dashboard. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one. Sign up here for a free 14-day trial. You can cancel at any time during the 14-day trial. Afterwards, you would only need to pay $97 per month for the standard plan.

Steps on how to create a sales funnel for Lawyers;

Step 1. Sign in to your ClickFunnels account to access your dashboard and click the “Build Funnel” button.

Step 2. Once you have clicked the button, a pop-up will show. There, you select your goal. Select one of the three goals, but as a lawyer, the “hosting webinar” option or “collecting emails” option is a better choice as you are not selling a product rather a service that requires clients.

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers

Step 3. Give your funnel a name and proceed by clicking the “Build Funnel” button.

Step 4. The next thing to do is to select your preferred funnel templates. You can always preview these templates until you find the right one for you.

Step 5. You will be taken to a page where you can edit your funnel. To edit your funnel, click on the “Edit Page” button.

Step 6. Once you click on the edit page button, you will see a page like this. On this page, you can edit how you want your funnel to look like. ClickFunnels has an easy drag-and-drop feature that allows you to add sections and elements. You have elements like text with rich fonts, images, forms, buttons, and much more. You want to provide them with valuable content. So, use your checklist and your drafted plan to populate your funnel.

This is how to create a sales funnel for lawyers.


I cannot overemphasize how critical online sales funnels are to lawyers who are looking to get more clients. A website is not just enough if you plan to edge your competitors. Take a bold step today to create your first sales funnel. Signup for ClickFunnels today to start enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

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