Getresponse vs AWeber 2020

Getresponse vs AWeber 2020

According to Statista, do you know that in 2023, the number of email users would have grown from 3.8 billion as of 2018 to 4.4 billion users? Do you know that 347 billion emails are estimated to be sent daily in 2023 as around 281 billion emails sent in 2018? That is so amazing!!! Do you also know that you can get about $32 ROI on every $1 you invest in email marketing? If you are an entrepreneur and you have not tried out Email marketing, you are missing so much.

If you are new in the digital marketing industry, this tool and strategy are things you don’t want to ignore. So back to the main topic Getresponse vs Aweber, In this post, I will be comparing these two excellent email marketing tools.

I will share the basic yet vital things you should know about the companies. What they are capable of doing, Their similarities, their differences, and prices; this will help your decision to know which will be best for your business. So let’s get started, but for the sake of those that are new to email marketing, I would like to touch on what Email marketing is and why you need an autoresponder like Getresponse and AWeber in your marketing arsenal.

Email Marketing | Autoresponder – What and Why

Wiki says email marketing is the act of sending commercial messages to a group of people using email. If that reads too formal, imagine you have discovered a new product or service you’d want your customers or subscribers to know about, then you plan to send them an email telling them about your discovery and how it will be of great benefit to them – by sending out that email you’ve just done EMAIL MARKETING.

Autoresponders are messages AUTOMATICALLY sent to your lists of customers or subscribers based on intervals you set. For instance, immediately leads signed up; they receive a welcome email from your business or company; then, a week later, they receive a service offer or your product discount; weeks or days later, they receive another email from you automatically. You set it up once; then it does the work for you.

Imagine you are sending out your promotional emails to 30 customers or subscribers using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook or any other email platforms; I bet you will have no idea the numbers of Link clicks, Openings, Delivered, Bounced. Let’s assume you want to send out a series of email sequences, doing that manually with Gmail account or other platforms is not adviseable, what you need is an AUTORESPONDER, and that can save you some time to do other things and costs too. You can read more on Autoresponder here

Generally, one of the most important things you need to have a successful Email marketing is efficiency; that is why you need an autoresponder, which leads us to Getresponse and AWeber.

About Getresponse and AWeber

Getresponse and AWeber are email marketing service providers. However, Getresponse claims to be the “World’s Easiest Email Marketing.” While AWeber Claims, “We are email marketing.” Both companies are top Providers in the digital marketing Industry and founded in the same year 1998.

Then 18 years old Simon Grabowski founded GetResponse in Poland. As stated on their website, over 350,000 users in 183 countries trust getresponse, and it’s available in 27 different languages. My view, getresponse services are what I call “all in one marketing.” I will explain why in a bit.

Tom Kulzer, the CEO and a software Engineer founded Aweber in the United States; over 100,000 successful business owners recommend AWeber. Tom built an “automated web assistant,” which is now called AWeber to bridge the gaps in automated response software for sales leads and customer support.

Getresponse VS AWeber –  Similarities and Difference

Like I stated earlier that  Getresponse and Aweber are email marketing service providers; they’ve got few features in common. Both will allow you to;

  • Capture, store, manage email addresses, and you can create Subscriber lists.
  • Send out an unlimited number of emails to your listed subscribers or Customers.
  • Choose from hundreds of responsive, mobile-friendly, and attractive email templates for you to send out your dream emails.
  • Create your emails with the drag and drop email editor feature.
  • Automate your email sequence by setting time intervals using the autoresponder functionality.
  • Have the Overview of how many times and the number of your emails were opened, delivered, links clicked, bounced, etc.
  • Automatically send your recent blog posts to your subscribers or customers via the RSS to Newsletter.
  • Integrate various third party tools/sites like PayPal, CRM tools, etc.

Remember, I stated my view above that getresponse services are what I call “all in one marketing.”  And that I will explain why in a bit? Here is the reason, over the years getresponse thought of more ways they can better help their users to achieve the marketing goals. They added more features you can not find in AWeber:

  • Unlimited Landing Pages.
  • Webinar Hosting.
  • Advanced Marketing Automation.
  • Ecommerce marketing automation.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function

Although we can’t favorably compare these features to dedicated solutions like GoToWebinar for webinar hosting, HubSpot, Zoho for CRMs or Click funnel for the landing pages, they still solve two significant problems:

  • The Features minimize your need to go back and forth, setting up integrations. They have helped you to keep all under one roof.
  • They help you to avoid spending so much on advanced marketing automation solutions. You only pay one cost for emails, CRM, Landing Page builder, and webinar. All depend on what plan you want.


I believe you will agree with me saying you must take pricing pretty seriously. Except you’ve got tons of money to spend on marketing software. From my experience, you don’t have to pay a fortune to get the right tools for your business; that is why we created posts like this. So if you have a massive chunk of cash for your marketing Budget, keep them you may need them later.

Let’s get started with Getresponse’s pricing structure.

Getresponse give you a choice to choose how often you’d want to make your payment either 12 months at a time and get 18% off or 24 months at a time and get 30% off.


Getresponse vs AWeber 2020


Getresponse offers four Plans; however, there are three basic plans you can check out for 1,000 subscribers:

  • BASIC Plan: which includes unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, email marketing, autoresponder, sales funnels, unlimited leads funnel, facebook ads and sell e-products for – $15/month
  • PLUS Plan: which Includes all in the basic plan, Automation builder, webinars for max 100 attendees, simple CRM, contact scoring & tagging, sales funnels, work together with three users, webinar funnels for – $49/month
  • PROFESSIONAL Plan: which includes all in the plus plan, paid webinars, unlimited automation builder, webinars max 300 attendees, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited webinar funnels, and work together five users for – $99/month


Getresponse vs AWeber 2020


The more contacts/subscribers you get, the more expensive your plan becomes. Above is the pricing table per number of subscribers. If your contacts grow pass 100,000, you would have to upgrade to the fourth plan ENTERPRISE.

For the Enterprise Plan, you’d get all features in the Professional Plan, transactional emails (paid add-on), dedicated IP address, deliverability consulting, account manager, single sign-on, webinars (max 500 attendees), and email campaign consulting for $1,199

And if your business needs dedicated account support, tailor-made solution, and enterprise-level result, getresponse got you covered.

The Amazing part is that non-profit organizations can get up to 50% off with Getresponse for non-profits.

Finally, you can sign up for a 30-days free trial, no credit card required.

Getresponse vs AWeber 2020

Now lets Check AWeber pricings.

Aweber gives you full access to all features they provide even from the day you sign up for the free trials. You only pay for the number of subscribers you have our list.


Getresponse vs AWeber 2020


The Plans Includes:

  • $19 per month for 0 -500 subscribers
  • $29 per month for 501 – 2,500 subscribers
  • $49 per month for 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers
  • $69 per month for 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers
  • $149 per month for 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers

If you have a bigger subscriber over 25,000 or you need something bigger and more requests, you will need to contact AWeber to request quotes and Demo.

Just as getresponse, AWeber offers a 30days free trial, but you would have to provide you credit card details.


Getresponse vs AWeber 2020


In conclusion, from the similarities, differences, and Price. I would say both tools are unique; for instance, you don’t have to upgrade to AWeber premium plans before you are ready, though it is $4 higher than Getresponse. However, if you need more than sending emails and still save costs then you may want to consider Getresponse.

I hope this post is helpful and please feel free to share your views or ask a question on getresponse vs AWeber in the comment section below

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