ClickFunnels Review 2020

ClickFunnels Review 2020 – Is Clickfunnels Worth The Hype?

If You are here right now, you are probably curious to find out more about ClickFunnels. Is it really worth the hype and price? Today, I will be giving an honest review of click funnels.

ClickFunnels is a well-known brand for creating sale funnels, landing pages, and events. It is all in one platform that helps business owners and marketers sell their products online. This tool has some powerful features that break down the hassle of marketing products online with well-thought funnel options that have been predesigned and optimized to generate sales.

Marketers and entrepreneurs are finding ClickFunnels more effective in creating sales funnels as it incorporates all the core elements and functionality needed for a productive sales funnel.

In this Clickfunnels review 2020, we give a thorough assessment of what Clickfunnels has to offer and help you find out if this suits your business and marketing strategies. I will tell you what you can get from using Clickfunnels, breakdown analysis of its features, and how to get the ground running right away with Clickfunnels.


Overview of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels came into existence in 2014 and was founded by Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson, who are experienced internet Marketing savvies. ClickFunnels was first built to help marketer and business owners minimize the time spent in building out sales funnels; this allows users to effortlessly design several sales funnels in minutes even as a beginner.

Clickfunnels is a stand-out all in one software for businesses that are looking to make a bold statement online. From collecting leads to email marketing and automation to selling and promoting your products, ClickFunnels got you covered.

ClickFúnnels provide a wide range of already built sales funnel templates with an easy to use drag and drop editor to soothe the flow of the design. The support unit of Clickfunnels is very active. It has a vibrant knowledge base to navigate through for solutions. Now that you know what Clickfunnels is all about, let’s dive into the core features of this tool.


Overview of ClickFunnels Features:

ClickFunnels have lots of features and functionalities to ensure you get the best of the platform. I highlight some of the best features;

Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one builder that has loads of prebuilt sale funnels to choose from. These funnels have been carefully created to meet the goals of different industries and markets. From generating leads, to selling products or organizing events, these sales funnels have detailed training videos on how you can make the best out of them and get amazing results.



Clickfunnels has tons of both free and premium templates you can select from. These landing pages are well optimized for effective conversion and sales. Users can easily engage with these landing page templates. The owners of Clickfunnels are marketing savvies that understand what customers want, so they have built and designed in a way that it gives you an edge over your competitors.


Drag and Drop Editor

This is one of the best features you can have. The Drag and Drop Editor allows you to create and edit sales funnels effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface, it is straightforward and easy to navigate through in your design process. With this feature, you need not have any knowledge of coding. All you are required of is to drag and drop whatever you want. Need a stylish button? Or an image? Just drag and drop it. You can edit text size at just a click. Even as a beginner, you can create catchy sales funnel in no time.


ClickFunnels Integrations

Clickfunnels seamlessly integrate with other third-party software to allow for more productivity. Here are some of the integrations currently supported by Clickfunnels.

  • Stripe
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • ClickBank
  • OntraPort
  • Maropost
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Infusionsoft
  • Sendlane
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • WebinarJam
  • GoTo Webinar
  • Sendlane
  • Ever Webinar
  • Twilio
  • Constant Contact
  • ShipStation


ClickFunnels have a vibrant knowledge base that offers solutions to likely issues that may arise. Coupled with the fact that the knowledge base is easy to navigate, Clickfunnels has an on-demand 24/7 support system to assist you with any issue you may have. Personally, for me, the Clickfunnels support has been superb in terms of the response time. In the knowledge base, there are plenty of useful resources available to utilize. From a series of well-structured video training to articles on how to maximize the software, it is really an all-in-one solution platform.

Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels have strived so far by leveraging one of the most prominent marketing strategies, Affiliate Marketing. They have built a strong affiliate team that helps advertise their products. They have given marketers opportunities to earn high earn commission. As an affiliate, you could earn between $39-$185 per month. The platform allows you to receive a recurring commission for an extended period.

ClickFunnels Backpack Programme

This is a tool designed for affiliates to allow them to connect more with paying customers. The Backpack is an incentive to motivate users to become affiliates. You have access to various affiliate products. The commissions are trackable, and it allows for customization to suit your plan. It is also designed to let you set up your affiliate program to sell your products. These are some of the things Backpack can offer;

  • You can create your custom affiliate plan
  • Create any form of affiliates
  • You can manage your affiliates and how you pay them
  • You can analyze your affiliate metrics

Membership Site

ClickFunnels have funnels designed to help you create a membership site. This allows you to sell for price access to your membership site. To get the best out of membership sites, you need first to promote it, offer valuable content, and giving users reasons to subscribe. ClickFunnels makes this process easy with its predefined membership funnels and landing pages designed to help generate leads and increase sign-ups. You even have the option of building your funnel from scratch.


Webinars are useful marketing tools for businesses and marketers. It can be used as a means of creating brand awareness, building business relationships, and much more. Clickfunnels allows you to design and run your webinar to help create awareness for your business, sell your products, and ultimately help you drive sales.

With third-party integrations like Gotowebinar and Zoom, you can create a webinar funnel to increase sign-ups and registrations with Clickfunnels.

Email Marketing

Clickfunnels has several email responders to integrate with, like Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber, Salesforce, Hubspot, and the list goes on. But Clickfunnels also has its automation tools, Actionetics, that help smoothen the email marketing process. You can only get this service with Etison Suite Plan.

Actionetic is very sales funnel friendly as it integrates effortlessly with funnels. It is what you see that you get. This is what you can do with Actionetics;

  • Email Setup
  • Smart Lists
  • Email Campaigns and automation
  • Follow Up Funnels
  • Clickbots
  • customer Metrics and Analytics

A/B Split Testing

Clickfunnels allows you to split test different funnel variations to help you find the best funnels that convert and bring the most traffic. It is a way to ensure you can analyze two different funnels to determine which one has the better conversation rate. These variations are labeled A and B.


How to Get started with Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels provides a 14-day free trial to use the software and see its benefits before taking action to buy it. You can leverage the free trial to explore software and see it in action. You will be required to put in your credit card information. Should in case, during your free trial period, you decide you don’t need Clickfunnels, you can cancel immediately. Ensure you cancel before the 14 days trial expires to avoid being charged for the software. A lot of people stick to the platform after the trial because of the incredible results they get.


To start your registration process, go to Click on the call to action that says Start Your 14 Days Free Trial. You can access the link to Clickfunnels here.


Put in the required information and click the “Create My Clickfunnels Account Now” Button. Immediately, it will redirect to your dashboard.


Inside your account dashboard in Clickfunnels, there are basic settings you will need complete. By the top right corner on your dashboard, click on Account Details to set up the following;

  • Profile
  • Time Zone
  • Language
  • Affiliate

Integration with Third-party Applications

The next step on your dashboard is to integrate correctly the third-party tools you need. On your dashboard, click on the integration tab at the left corner to be shown different tools you can integrate with Clickfunnels.

Necessary Integrations you need to setup

  • Email Responder – There are various autoresponders available on the integration tab. Depending on your preferred one, Clickfunnels allows you integrate with Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber, Salesforce, and many more. You can also subscribe to the Edison Suite plan to get Actionetics for your email marketing functions.
  • Payment Gateways – Select your preferred payment gateway. The popular ones are Stripe and Paypal.

To integrate appropriately to any of these platforms, just click and follow the instruction and installation process.


You need to set up your domain before you start building your sale funnels. All you need to do is to click on the domain tab. You will be given two option to either;

  • Register a New Domain – With Clickfunnels, you can register your domain for free in the first year.
  • Add Your Domain – You can add a custom domain or subdomain of your own.

Follow the process religiously to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

Building Your First Funnel

Clickfunnels have two techniques you can use to make your funnel;

  • The Classic Funnel Builder – Choose what you want to achieve, the funnel type, and start designing.
  • Funnel Cookbook – Several predefined funnels and landing pages at your disposal.


Funnel Setting Configuration

Funnel Dashboard

Once you have chosen a template, it will appear inside the Clickfunnels dashboard. Some of the functionalities include;

  • Page Editing
  • Funnel’s Settings
  • Funnel Process.
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Contacts
  • Metrics

Designing Your funnel In the Editor

Click on the optin tab on the left side of the dashboard. Click on Edit Page; it will take you to your Clickfunnels editor.

You can edit the following;

  • Add or Manage Sections
  • Edit Background
  • Mobile/Desktop view
  • Add/Remove Elements

Email Service Configuration

You can send emails through Clickfunnels easily. There are two methods to doing this;

  • Actionetics – This email service will let you draft email follow-up series and campaigns, email lists, and much more. You can access it at the top tab in your dashboard.
  • Automation – On your dashboard, click on the automation tab and select Add New Email to set up your automation.



Once your funnel is complete, check your URL to see your funnel pages.

To Get Your 14-day Free Trial


ClickFunnels pricing plans and packages are not exactly cheap, but worth every bit of it. There are two pricing plans to select from.

  • Clickfunnels Basic: This plan costs $97 a month. You can build 20 funnels for marketing with 100 pages and a maximum of 20,000 visitors, coupled with three custom domains. You have full access to all the functionalities available for this plan.
  • Etison Suite: This plan is a $297 monthly plan. It gives you unlimited access to functionalities in Clickfunnels. This plan also gives you premium access to Actionetics and Backpack.

The Etison Suite plan is not exactly cheap but very worth it. My advice if you are a beginner is to start with the Clickfunnels Basic plan, get the ground running, and then later upgrade to the Etison Suite plan if you like. The free 14-day trial is there for you to explore the software without any risk. See if it is the right software for you before you make your decision.


Affiliate Program

You can sign up for the Clickfunnels affiliate program that can earn you a commission. Once you have an active account and you are already enjoying its benefits, you can refer people to subscribe to Clickfunnels and get paid for doing so. Clickfunnels pays up to 40%, and you can earn a recurring commission for a long time. Also, there are promotional materials available for affiliates to help promotion go smoothly.

To find out more about Clickfunnels affiliate program, click here now.


Having Clickfunnels is, in no doubt, an essential tool for you if you desire your business to grow exponentially. The thought process put into developing this tool makes it a must to have one. Marketers and Entrepreneurs who are looking the leveraging different online opportunities should consider having ClickFunnels. It is worth the hype.

I hope you enjoyed this ClickFunnels review 2020. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions on Clickfunnels.

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